17TH – 20TH October 2019

Beer is one of our passions, along with music… oh and food. We love trying different beers and exploring how they match with beautiful food, and music 🙂 So from the 17th through to and including the 20th of October you can enjoy these with us too. We are featuring 10 carefully selected beers, three ciders and 12 gins that range from a Japanese Gin (Kojin) to help celebrate the Rugby World Cup, to gins made from hops (Dutty Gin), from gins distilled with Chilli (Jynerva – if you are brave enough) to gins with real sherbet! (Orange Sherbet)

We could be considered as a Theatre of Beer.
Come along and enjoy them with us.


Great Heck, Mount Mosaic – 4.5%
Gun Brewery, Scaramanga – 3.9%
Mountweasel, Greyhound – 7.5%
Nene Valley, Hop Stash – 5.0%
Ampersand, Cocow – 4.8%
Wiper & True, Kaleidescope – 4.2%
Bedlam, Boneshaker – 4.5%
Bedlam, Wilde East Coast – 4.4%
Listers, Autumn Ale – 3.8%
Wild Beer Company, Early Doors –  4.5%


Silly Moo – 4.8%
Ascension, Whispers in the Shadows – 4.0%
Ross Cider Co, Michelin Norman & Sharps – 6.5%


Psychopomp, Kojin 40.0%
Dutty Gin, Citra Mosaic Hopped 42.0%
Persian Blue Marshmallow Gin 40.0%
Orange Sherbet Gin 37.5%
GinTing Berries Gin 42.5%
Jynerva Ring Of Fire Chilli Gin 43.0%
Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin 37.8%
Zuidam Dutch Courage Old Tom Gin 40.0%
Old Tom Poetic License Gin 41.6%
Gin Etsu 43.0%
Elephant London Dry Gin 45.0%
Mombasa Club Gin 41.5%

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